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Οι συστάσεις με την αγαπημένη μας DJ Polyesta έχουν ήδη γίνει σε προηγούμενο post. Εκτός από φανατική mat. fashionista είναι η resident DJ στο Little Buddha (Buddha Bar) του Άμστερνταμ αλλά και η regular DJ για το Nomads (Supperclub) στο Άμστερνταμ επίσης.  Συνδυάζει ακουστική με ηλεκτρονική μουσική, παραδοσιακή με μοντέρνα σε μία πολύ χορευτική μείξη. Με διαφορετικά στιλ από όλο τον κόσμο, ενώνει τους ανθρώπους και τους πολιτισμούς μέσω της μουσικής της.

Η DJ PolyEsta έφτιαξε ένα αποκλειστικό mixtape-έκπληξη για όλες τις φίλες της mat. το οποίο μπορείτε να απολαύσετε εδώ:

Time traveller Electro Swing mix for mat. Fashion. Celebrating life and womanhood.

-Thats All Folks
By Palov
– That Man
By Caro Emerald
– Booty Swing (Original)Buy
By Parov Stelar
– No Diggity_ Minimatic_Remix)Buy
By Minimatic
– Count Your Blessings And Smile
By Eclecktic Mick
– Bubba_Don’t_Forget_Your_RubberBuy
By 5 In Love Cab Canavaral
– Istanbul__Not_Constantinople__Original_Mix
By Bart & Baker
– New_RhythmBuy
By Tommy Largo
– BuffoonBuy
By Skeewiff
– If_Only_Alarms_Didn’t_Ring_(Feat_Nina_Zeitlin_-_David_Jones_Remix)Buy
By Biboulakis
– Quiero Bailar SwingBuy
By Electronic Swing Orchestra


DJ PolyEsta Playing at a sun drenched party, feeling 100% Love in her MAT FASHION t-shirt.

About Esta

♪♫♪♬ ♪♫♪♬♪♫♪♬ ♪♫♪♬
Listen to music:
♪♫♪♬ ♪♫♪♬♪♫♪♬ ♪♫♪♬The world is my playground and music is the language.
♪♫♪♬ ♪♫♪♬♪♫♪♬ ♪♫♪♬

DJ PolyEsta creates a party with Global Beats and World grooves.

She mixes music from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe like there are no borders.
PolyEsta blends acoustic with electronic, traditional with modern, and western with non-western music into a very danceable mix.
Cumbia, Desi Beats, Latin percussion, Afrotronic, Balkan Beat, Kuduro, Mestizo, Flamenco, Bellydance, Oriental House, Afro Disco, Electronic Tango, Reggae, Afrobeat, Klezmer, Brazilectro, and other styles get thrown together into a feel good mix of world music.
Fusing different styles from around the globe, Esta presents an explosion of uplifting world beats. Connecting cultures and people in dance.

This Amsterdam based DJ has played at different festivals and in several clubs.
( e.g. Lowlands Festival, Amsterdam Roots Festival, Werfpop, Women Inc., All Is One and Landjuweel Festival. The well-known Amsterdam clubs Paradiso and Melkweg)
She is one of the residents at Little Buddha (Buddha Bar) Amsterdam and a regular DJ for Nomads (Supperclub) Amsterdam.

PolyEsta has been playing beyond Amsterdam and the Netherlands. She enchanted the audience at Utopia Festival in Portugal, went to Paris and played at clubs and parties in India and Morocco.

DJ PolyEsta hosts a radio show at the Dutch network Concertzender: Solta A Franga. This show is mostly dedicated to party music from all corners of the globe.
Mixing different styles or focusing on one region or theme PolyEsta will delight the audience with a world dance party.

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